University of California Riverside

Graduate Studies in

Soil and Water Sciences

Soil and Water Sciences Faculty

Current Faculty: Expertise:
Amrhein, Chris Soil and water chemistry of inorganic contaminants; redox processes
Anderson, Michael Nutrient cycling in lakes and reservoirs; surface water quality modeling; chemistry of solid-water interfaces
Chang, Andrew Land application of organic wastes; wastewater reuse; hydraulic and pollutant retention properties of soils
Crohn, David Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment; biosolids management; Composting
Crowley, David Microbial ecology of soils and the rhizosphere; bioremediation
Frankenberger, William Bioremediation of inorganic contaminants in soil and water; biochemistry of plant-growth regulators in soils
Gan, Jay Fate, transport, and mitigation of pesticides in the environment; water pollution and prevention
Graham, Robert Weathering and and behavior of soil minerals; pedologic processes, soils and weathered bedrock in wildland ecosystems
Jury, William A. Measurement and modeling of chemical movement in field soils; chemical screening models; volatilization processes
Lanoil, Brian Microbial diversity; life in extreme environments; geomicrobiology; soiland aquatic microbiology; and microbial ecology
Parker, David R. Soil chemistry and plant nutrition; chemistry and bioavailability of trace elements
Schlenk, Daniel Aquatic ecotoxicology of organic compounds
Sickman, James Watershed hydrology and biogeochemistry, application of stable and radioisotopes to environmental science.
Stein, Lisa Microbial physiology and ecology of nitrification and denitrification, iron and manganese cycling in freshwater systems
Wu, Laosheng Irrigation water management; soil physics
Yates, Marylynn V. Water and wastewater microbiology; Allepathogens in groundwater and surface-water
Ziemann, Paul Atmospheric chemistry of aerosols
Adjunct Faculty: Expertise:
Dalton, Frances Soil physics
Goldberg, Sabine Soil chemistry
Rhoades, James D. Soil science
Suarez, Donald L. Geochemistry
van Genuchten, Martinus T. Soil physics
Yates, Scott R. Soil physics
Cooperating Faculty: Expertise:
Allen, Michael F. Biology
Matsumoto, Mark R. Environmental Engineering
Tom, Harry W.K. Physics
Department of Environmental Sciences
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